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World TB Day

By the title you guessed it – today is World TB Day. Major news sources and NGOs are talking about how almost one-third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis (TB). (1/3 – I can’t even begin to contemplate how many people that actually is!) TB  kills 1.7 million people each year – that is equal to 4,500 deaths a day. TB is treatable and curable only if a person knows that they have it. The biggest challenge in the developing world is access to TB testing in order to diagnose TB infections. Currently, there are several drug-resistant strains of TB which have contributed to increased challenges in controlling TB worldwide. Drug-resistant trains of TB create fewer treatment options and costlier treatment plans.

Two technologies that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently endorsed for use in resource-limited settings are liquid culture and molecular diagnostics.  Together, as part of a comprehensive TB control plan, these two complementary technologies offer exciting new possibilities for diagnosing TB. By clicking on this link [http://www.bd.com/fightTB/], one TB test will be donated to patients in need in resource-limited settings.

World TB Day

March 24, 2011 - World TB Day

Also, check out this article by Jeffrery Sturchio, the President and CEO of the Global Health Council.


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