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My Project!

My site director, Kirsty, in Ghana called me to talk about my upcoming internship. Kirsty is a friendly woman with quite a strong Scottish accent. She warned me to let her know if I didn’t understand what she said, but I was so excited to discuss my project that I listened closely.

In my application and interviews I expressed my interest in working on health-related projects. Kirsty suggested two possible projects for me. The first is a community health outreach project where I would present to women and girls in schools, and the community about basic health information. I would present on sanitation, HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases. The second project Kirsty presented entails girls’ sexual rights with a focus on sexual health and HIV/AIDS. I would present to women in rural and local schools to de-stigmatize and reeducate women on sexual rights and HIV/AIDS prevention.

I was immediately drawn to the second project because on my background in HIV/AIDS education and interest in global health projects. I also feel that how Kirsty explained the HIV/AIDS prevention project, I will have more responsibilities while in Ghana and will be able to have a dialogue with the women I interact with, opposed to just talking at them. I anticipate being challenged while working on my project, but I can’t wait to see what Ghanaian women have to teach me while I work on my project. The way I see it, yes, I will be educating women on HIV/AIDS prevention methods, but I predict that the women I interact with will teach me in return.


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