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More than Just a Hobby

The title of Paul Farmer’s 2011 commencement OP-ED instantly caught my eye as I am reflecting on my experience in Ghana this summer. Because my time in Ghana (and my passion for learning more about global health) is more than just a vacation/tourist adventure/hobby, but a meaningful experience that will hopefully lead into a career in international development..

I am currently finishing my last Berkeley course that consists of critically reviewing my experience in the Global Poverty and Practice minor, especially after gaining fieldwork experience in Ghana. In this last course I am examining my thoughts and assumptions concerning international development and poverty alleviation, but also, thinking of the future and what my role can be in working to change the disparities between the Global North and the Global South.

Farmer discusses how global health research and programs need to be more than “just a hobby” but a collaborative effort to improve knowledge and health care in the Global South. “More than Just a Hobby”


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A Global Health Champion

One of the most inspirational global health champions fighting for health equity is Dr. Paul Farmer. He is an inspirational activist and actor in the field of development. Farmer is a co-founder of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Partner’s in Health (PIH). Partner’s in Health builds hospitals in twelve countries, including Haiti, Peru, and Rwanda, to provide free health care for people in resource-limited settings and strengthen existing public health infrastructures in those settings. After taking a course at UC Berkeley about HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and gaining an informed perspective about NGO’s roles in public health, I support organizations that promote a community health worker model that empowers local people to build a public health infrastructure in their community that best suits their community’s needs.  Continue reading

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