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Inspiration from my readings…

My work for my last GPP(Global Poverty and Practice) class has been nothing less than inspiring. I’m paying more attention to each line I read and finding little nuggets of wisdom everywhere I look. Here is some food for thought from Raul Rogat Loeb’s “Soul of a Citizen”….

“If eyes are windows to the soul, and faces reflections of character, looking in the mirror lets us step back from the flux of our lives and hold ourselves accountable.” 

How do you hold yourself accountable for your character and actions?


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More than Just a Hobby

The title of Paul Farmer’s 2011 commencement OP-ED instantly caught my eye as I am reflecting on my experience in Ghana this summer. Because my time in Ghana (and my passion for learning more about global health) is more than just a vacation/tourist adventure/hobby, but a meaningful experience that will hopefully lead into a career in international development..

I am currently finishing my last Berkeley course that consists of critically reviewing my experience in the Global Poverty and Practice minor, especially after gaining fieldwork experience in Ghana. In this last course I am examining my thoughts and assumptions concerning international development and poverty alleviation, but also, thinking of the future and what my role can be in working to change the disparities between the Global North and the Global South.

Farmer discusses how global health research and programs need to be more than “just a hobby” but a collaborative effort to improve knowledge and health care in the Global South. “More than Just a Hobby”

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