Exploring Cape Coast

My weekends have been jam packed so far! All the ProWorld interns and volunteers go on excursions together which is so nice to catch up after a week of work.

Last weekend we went to Kakum National Park to go on the canopy walk. It was beautiful! I didn’t know how I would feel about the canopy walk, but I wish I could have gone again. We were so high in the trees, it was beautiful looking around the jungle and seeing everything from that perspective. We also went to a monkey sanctuary and go to see some ridiculously cute rescued monkeys. Sunday we went to a historic spot from the slave trade where prisoners being taken to slave castles were given their last bath and meal along the journey to the coast. Following that we toured Cape Coast Castle, which was one of the major slave castles in West Africa. It was very moving to be there and see how brutal of an experience it would have been to be taken to the castle. It was an emotional experience, but I’m glad I was able to see it and take a few pictures to remember it.

Today we helped a school in building its library. We all were helping shovel dirt to flatten the foundation of the building, or lending a hand in the process to make cement bricks. Following that we went to a beach resort and got to grab lunch and relax. I’m excited for tomorrow – we learn African drumming and dancing! More updates soon!




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