Efua – My Ghana Name

The tradition in Ghana when a child is born is to name it according to which day of the week the baby is born on. The baby is called that name for 8 days before he or she is given their proper name. But some people in Ghana prefer to be called by that name. I googled my birthday and I am a Friday born, which is Efua. So when I introduce myself in Fante – I often say my name is Efuwa, because Kelsey is obviously not a Ghanaian name. If you meet someone that is born on the same say of the week you are, they are your brother or sister. Ghanaians often call their really close friends or cousins their brothers or sisters also. Walking down our street yesterday, my roommate also in ProWorld and I talked with our neighbors and they asked for our names. Every time we have walked by since, they call out our names – Efua and Ekua.

Today I went to a rural school with four Ghanaian nurses to listen to their presentation to school children about malaria. The children went nuts when they saw three of us foreigners (Obrunis) walking up with the nurses. They started yelling Obruni and when we went into the talk. They would all smile and wave at us. Then the other girls on my project and myself introduced ourselves in Fante. Of course the kids loved it! They giggled at our accents. Then I took a few pictures of the other girls with the kids for my project and they all squished close to the other girls to get in the photo. 

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