Greetings from Accra!

I made it!

Currently sitting at an internet cafe in the Accra Airport in Ghana, I am about to begin my stay in Ghana and internship in Cape Coast. I am so lucky that everything has gone smoothly so far -flights were easy, sat next to interesting people, met up with Ashley in my program, and now get to kill time online for an hour before getting picked up to go to Cape Coast! I was most worried about my jam-packed travel backpack (packed with enough sunscreen and bugspray for three people but I will definitely need it!) and stuffed backpack with the most complete first aid kit you will find(thanks Dad!). But so far I can’t complain. The weather here is not too bad – yes its humid but the said its in the 80’s. I’ll see once I venture out of the airport area how hot it really will be.

I was told to anticipate changes and be flexible when working with an NGO overseas and I have already had my first alteration to my internship before taking off from LAX. Right as I was getting the final call to turn off cell phones by the flight attendant – I received an email from ProWorld that the organization I was matched with to do sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education was not prepared to take interns at this time. I have three new options to choose from and they all sound interesting – but I am bummed that my work this past semester in preparing for my practice experience (for my Global Poverty and Practice minor at UC Berkeley) will not be put to use since I will no longer be working with Voluntary Help Organization.

Before my internet runs out let me tell you about my wonderful airplain neighbor that gave me the extra boost of excitement I needed to begin my stay in Ghana. His name was Kwasi and he is from the area outside Accra but moved to Atlanta in 1999. He was really talkative after his double wisky with OJ at dinner, but I didn’t mind. He thought I had family in Ghana or had visited before and was surprised this was my first  trip to Africa. He commented on my knowledge and confidence about my plans (A+ for researching ahead of time!). Then he told me how I was going to love Ghana and Cape Coast – he had gone to college in Cape Coast. He was so excited for me and wished we would be on the same flight back to the US so that he could hear about my trip. Kwasi was so friendly and welcoming, that I couldn’t help but look forward to landing in Accra! When we got off the plane he gave me a hug and wished me well. So glad I had a cool person sitting next to me on that 11 hour flight!


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